Fred Voss, at age 92, receives high school diploma

Fred Voss gives thumbs up after receiving high school diploma

(photo by Ari Lewenstein)

On June 22, 2012, 92-year-old Fred Voss received a high school diploma from Lansing High School, in Lansing, NY, where he had given Holocaust remembrance speeches for more than a decade.  The event marked the end of Fred's public speaking career.  After 27 years of speaking about the Holocaust and presenting a message of tolerance, he retired from his public role because of age and health (we should all have his health at age 92 -- in fact, he lived to age 99!).  Fred is the author of the memoir Miracles, Milestones, & Memories, available at this link.

This page collects some of the news coverage of the event.

Video of the graduation itself, including Fred's speech, is available on YouTube, at:

Two television news shows produced stories -- one in advance, one after the event. Many of the links below are dead (as of February 2022), but are kept here as a record of the coverage., which is affiliated with NBC and CBS

        This story came out before the event, and is a "mini-documentary" of Fred's life

WENY-TV, which is affiliated with ABC and CBS

        This story came out after the event, and is a record of the event

Print stories were produced by the Ithaca Journal and by the Associated Press:

German news media picked up the story, as well, particularly in Fred's hometown of Aachen:

(Last updated: 7 February 2022)